IT band syndrome

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The Best Approach to Effectively Treat Running Injuries

As discussed in the previous entry, “Why Are Running Injuries So Prevalent?,” the majority of running injuries develop as a result of cumulative trauma and repetitive stress.   This recurrent micro-trauma facilitates the formation of scar tissue, which leaves the soft tissues short, weak, and painful. So how do we treat quickly and effectively treat these injuries?  Some of the most common approaches include rest, ice, electrical muscle stimulation (e-stem), ultrasound (US), stretching, exercises, injections, ...


IT Band Syndrome: To Foam Roll or Not to Foam Roll?

In practice, I often encounter patients looking for at home techniques to enhance treatment results and minimize injuries. Patients inquire about specific stretches, exercises, foam rolling, and trigger point balls, all of which can be very beneficial when done correctly. As a runner myself, I have dealt with many of the common injuries runners seem to incur. Plantar fasciitis, piriformis syndrome, shin splints, and IT band syndrome are extremely common running injuries that are ...

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