As discussed in the previous entry, “Why Are Running Injuries So Prevalent?,” the majority of running injuries develop as a result of cumulative trauma and repetitive stress.   This recurrent micro-trauma facilitates the formation of scar tissue, which leaves the soft tissues short, weak, and painful.

So how do we treat quickly and effectively treat these injuries?  Some of the most common approaches include rest, ice, electrical muscle stimulation (e-stem), ultrasound (US), stretching, exercises, injections, and surgery.  Unfortunately, most of these treatments only provide temporary relief and are often slow to take effect.
running injuryThe reason these treatments are ineffective is because they fail to address the underlying cause of the symptoms.  It is the scar tissue adhesions that bind down the tissues, reduce blood flow, restrict normal muscle motion, and alter the movements in the kinetic chain.

Passive approaches like rest, ice, e-stem, and injections simply treat the symptoms without addressing the dysfunctional component of the tissues.  More active approaches like stretching and strengthening are important in the recovery of injuries yet fail to address the scar tissue that has caused the muscle to be tight and weak in the first place.

Scar tissue must be addressed to effectively treat and prevent further injuries from occurring.  Active Release Technique® (A.R.T.) is the gold standard for soft tissue injuries and is specifically designed to locate and treat scar tissue that entraps nerves and accumulates in muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.  By locating the scar tissue adhesions, the practitioner is able to break up the adhesions, restoring proper muscle movement, length, strength, and blood flow. The end result is increased functionality, improved range of motion, better stability, and most importantly, the elimination of pain.

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-Dr. Caleb Ridgway DC, ART