Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care Santa Rosa
Chiropractic medicine is a natural, non-surgical approach to health care that emphasizes the treatment of conditions without drugs or medication. Doctors of Chiropractic, more commonly known as “chiropractors,” are primary care physicians licensed in all 50 states and recognized by governmental health care agencies like Medicare, Medicaid, and Workers Compensation programs.

A chiropractor is involved in the treatment and prevention of disease, as well as the promotion of public health. Although most people associate back and neck “cracking” with chiropractic, few understand the science and methodology behind it.

The basic premise of chiropractic is based on the body’s ability to heal itself when it is functioning at optimal performance. However, optimal performance cannot be achieved when the integrity of the nervous system is compromised. The misalignment of spinal vertebra put pressure and stress on spinal nerves, blood vessels, and surrounding musculature inhibiting the proper flow of neurotransmitters, nutrients, and oxygen.

When the natural flow of nerve impulses are interfered with, painful or serious conditions can arise. Chiropractic care removes the interference and restores normal nerve flow with gentle spinal adjustments.

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