I believe that everyone deserves to not only live pain free, but to thrive and flourish without the constant harassment of aches and pains. – Dr. Caleb Ridgway

Injury Preventioninjury-prevention-2

Recognizing biomechanical deficiencies and muscle length and strength imbalances are key to preventing injuries. At Ridgway Chiropractic, we utilize the latest research and examination procedures to identify biomechanical compensations to prevent injuries before they occur. Read More

Injury TreatmentInjury Treatment

Acute injuries, repetitive trauma, and reduced blood flow results in the formation of scar tissue adhesions that accumulate over time. This scar tissue formation is the result of the bodies attempt to heal an injured or overused area. The thick, matted, and non-contractile matrix of the adhesion restricts Read More

Active Release Technique® (ART)active release technique

Active Release Technique® (ART) is a state-of-the art, soft-tissue management system designed to quickly and effectively treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and fascia. These injured tissues are treated manually using over 500 different treatment protocols designed to correct Read More

Performance Enhancementperformance enhancing

Altered movement patterns and tight, unbalanced musculature inhibits a muscle’s ability to fully contract. This leads to premature fatigue and compensatory movement patterns. It is important to remember that the foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, etc. are all connected and the proper function of each is necessary Read More